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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Walk-thru & Inspection: When we first arrive, you'll be greeted with a friendly smile. We will begin to go over the scope of work and ask you to walk us through the areas that we are cleaning. At this time, if there are any areas of concern please let us know. We will more the likely ask you questions about spots to help us identify them so that we can prepare any specialty spotting products needed to remove the spots. We will also educate you on our other services but please do not feel pressured by this. We firmly believe that educating you on all that we offer is beneficial for you as our goal is to help you keep your home clean. If there is a service we provide that can help you achieve that goal we want to let you know. We believe it would be a disservice to not do so. 

Pre-Vacuum: Dry soil removal is one of the crucial steps to a great carpet cleaning. There are many companies who don't do this. The reason we feel it is so important is because carpet cleaning solutions are designed to penetrate the carpet fibers and loosen soil that has began to bond to the fiber. If our cleaning solution is working on breaking up soil that can be easily removed, it isn't as effective at helping to remove the more stubborn soils. You are more than welcome to vacuum before we arrive but please do not feel like you have to. 

Furniture Moving: We kindly ask that you remove small items out of the areas we will be cleaning before we arrive, and secure any breakables as well. We can slide most furniture out from its original position, clean underneath, and then place plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the legs. This ensures no damage will occur to the furniture from the slightly damp carpet, and that the carpet doesn’t become damage from a wooden or metal leg. We will not move large items such as beds, dressers, entertainment stands, china cabinets, anything with electronics on it and items of the like. This is for our safety and for the safety of those items. We can slide and move couches, loveseats, chairs, and end tables.

Pre-Conditioning & Spotting: We apply a safe cleaning solution to the entire carpet that helps us to break up the stubborn soiling that has bonded to the carpet fibers. At this time we’ll also address any special spots/stains with our spotting products. We’re educated and trained on how to identify and remove stains, there are times a stain may be permanent, however we have a high success rate at removing most spots/stains.

Agitation - In some situations we may employ the use for agitation to help break up soiling even further. This step allows our cleaning solutions to really penetrate and loosen the dirt and soiling in the carpet. Just another step to make sure we're doing as much as possible to give you the best clean we can.

Cleaning & Soft Water Rinsing: We use our truck mounted carpet cleaning machine to rinse and extract the soil from the carpet. We use soft water that has been processed through an industrial water softener system. This softened water provides us with a better clean and the we do not have to use products that have softening agents in them. What this means for you is carpet that is cleaner and softer that will stay cleaner even longer.

Fast-Drying: We want to get the carpet dry quickly so you can get back to normal life with little interruption as possible. We do multiple dry extraction passes that remove excess moisture from the carpet, but we also use carpet drying fans to aid in the process.

Carpet Protector & Groom: We offer carpet protect application after your carpet is cleaned as an additional optional service. Carpet protector creates an “invisible shield” that helps your vacuum remove the soils that build up over time. It also penetrates the fiber improving your carpet’s stain resistance. Those who have carpet protector applied after cleaning notice their carpet lasting 50% longer which means saving on the cost of early replacement.

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Pet Stain & Odor Removal Greensboro NC

pet stain and odor removalThere are times during the carpet cleaning process where we encounter pet stains and odors. No need to worry as we do have the training and the right products to deal with these types of issues. If urine is not dealt with properly the stain can keep returning over and over again. When urine leaves the pet's body it comes out close to a neutral  pH. After it has had time to dry it then becomes very basic on pH scale and that is where the ammonia smell comes from. The urine dries into a crystal-like substance so in order for the urine to be removed it requires a product that can break up that urine crystals and it requires a natural enzyme to start to digest the proteins in the urine as well. Where most homeowners fail is that they attempt to use store bought products that can compound the issue and do not really deal with urine at the molecular level. The worst part of our job as a trusted cleaning company is informing a client that they may have or have permanently damaged their carpet. We urge you to let us the professionals handle these issues but please know that you can call us so that we can advise you of proper steps to take if you want to handle it yourself. We will guide you in a way so that if we need to address the issue, we still can have a high success rate of removal.

We offer two type odor removal treatment - topical and restorative removal. 

Topical Odor Removal

For our topical pet odor removal process we use a product that helps to break down the urine salt crystals so that they can be more easily removed from the carpet. We apply the product topically and we allow it to dwell to give it plenty of time to work. We then take our sub surface extraction tool that allows us to remove the urine from the padding, carpet backing, and the carpet face yarn. We can the areas multiple times until we see that no more urine is coming out. We then deal with any remaining staining with our specialty spotting products.

Restoration Odor Removal

This process is best for when our furry loved one has been a repeat offender. The issue then becomes that the urine has soaked through the carpet, the backing, and now is being absorbed into the sub floor. First we will disengage the carpet and pull it back so that we can easily identify the problem area from the back of the carpet. We remove the padding and discard it. Next we clean and treat the sub floor with a sealing product that doesn't allow the urine to penetrate back through leaving the urine contained and dormant. Once the sealing product dries we treat the carpet backing and face yarns like we do in our topical odor removal process. Next we'll replaced the removed pad and re-install the carpet. Finally we'll clean the carpet and deal with any staining that remains.


Upholstery Cleaning Greensboro NC

upholstery cleaningUpholstery and other furniture are often the most neglected items when it comes to regular cleaning. In fact, much to our surprise many people do not know that upholstery and furniture can be professionally cleaned. For home maintenance, a through vacuuming with a brush attachment helps to remove the dust and soil that settles on and into the fabric. If you want to see how soiled your upholstery is, take a clean white terry towel and place it over your vacuum attachment hose. Be sure to firmly grip it so that it doesn't get sucked into the vacuum. While the vacuum is running and the white terry towel firmly grasped, run it over the arms, seats, and back of your upholstery. If it leaves a dark ring on the towel it is a good sign that it is time to have it professionally cleaned. Upholstery fabric is thin and can require special cleaning agents to properly clean the fabric so that it doesn't become damaged. We can clean everything from common microfiber to more fine fabrics such as cotton. We recommend having your upholstery cleaned regularly to keep up with appearance and for better indoor air quality.

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